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There are a lot of things that get our goat, this is a #TruFact. A quick ask on Twitter turns up so many things people are gnashing their teeth about such as, variously, drinks in jam jars; Peru two buns; Marcus Mumford; hats for grown women with animal faces on them; Urban Decay Naked palette #999 (yawn); TXT SPK, double-breasted coats; top-knots; disco pants; ‘dear blogger’ emails and many more.

But like all things, there will always be the cream that rises to the top of our list of things we are just so completely over. And here they are:

  1. Moustaches
    Sorry Movember, but much like Pop, you have Eaten Yourself. You may have had a noble intention but it has been utterly highjacked by fools growing stupid-looking facial furniture for less than zero charitable reasons and companies up and down the land sticking incongruous ‘tashes on anything at all, at all, in order to boost sales. INTO THE EXPRESS ROCKET SHIP TO THE SUN WITH THE LOT OF ‘EM.
  2. Cupcakes
    ENOUGH. ALREADY. WITH. THE. CUPCAKES. They are DONE. Over. Embarrassingly shite. So unbelievably over we’re red faced with exasperation trying to get the words out. See also: macarons and cakepops. Sighsies.
  3. Food served on anything that is not a plate
    Sorry Newly Opened Dublin Hipster Restaurant, or Neven Mcguire, we do not actually enjoy eating our food on a slate, a piece of manky wood or anything else that isn’t dishwasher-friendly. Which comes with a rim to catch the greasy drips. If you keep insisting on serving BBQ/steak/pie on stupid flat things, then we’ll start sending you our dry cleaning bills, capiche?
  4. Hun/Hunny
    Oh my god. OH MY GOD. No. Nope. Never. However much we wince when this is said in daily discourse – and it’s a lot – if you use this in business communications, you need to have a swift and stern chat with yourself – and now.
  5. Keep calm
    No! No we won’t bloody well keep calm! If we see any more of these godawful posters/mugs/slogans/pieces of tat, we will in fact, Fly Into a Rage and Murder Someone. So now.

Add yours below!