There’s no getting around it, over it, under it or behind it: it is parky out these days and I’m going to have to find where I stashed my gloves once I decided I didn’t need them again, only a few short months ago.

The problem with gloves is, as any smartphone user knows, that they are a pain in the arse. No sooner do you have them on than you’re reefing them back off so you can update your Facebook status: “OMG SO totes cold.”

Touchscreen gloves from

So totes cold indeed. These are pretty cool though: gloves with conductive material woven into the knit so you don’t have to take them off to Tweet, Facebook or send emails. This, people, is what technology is made of. Spend €22 on the ones to the very top of the post at Muji, or head to Dutch site Mujjo for these lavender fellers, €24.95. They also have leather versions on offer, for a rather more spendy €89.95. Yikes!

River Island Touchscreen Gloves

Too rich for your blood? Calm down, calm down: these are a mere €10 at River Island. That’ll do nicely.