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Asking on Twitter about people’s secret and illicit crushes turns up some interesting suspects. Like Richard Bruton, Sam Smyth and Eminem. And this gruesome quintet:

1. Enda Kenny

While I know the Frillseeker mother is a fan of the man, that’s to be expected as she is a woman of a certain age (she also fancies yer man off Nationwide – the Holy Joe guy – and she’ll kill me for revealing that tidbit) but love of Jaysis Rosemary Mac Cabe, we’ll just have to hope you were kidding when you ‘fessed up to this one.

2. Jimmy Carr

We won’t name and shame. We sort of get it. He is very funny after all. BUT THAT LAUGH! This is one funny man who wouldn’t laugh you into the leaba, wha?

Fran from Love/Hate

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3. Fran from Love/Hate

AH HERE. This is not coolaboola.

Leo Varadkar

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4. Leo Varadkar

A fine gael to some, this Fine Gael TD is the minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport which should mean that he would show you a good time and lots of craic agus ceoil if you were lucky enough to score a date with him after confessing to your secret passion for the man. But apparently he simply just doesn’t have time for a relationship. Awww.

Vincent Browne

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5. Vincent Browne

He’s the whole package really isn’t he? Brains, beauty, that winning smile and sunny disposition make Vincent Browne the thinking woman’s crumpet. Or how about: despite the crazy Marcel waves-meets-finger-in-the-electricity-socket barnet, grumpy demeanor, 6th circle of hell TV set and general bad temper (plus, has he bought any new suits since about 1996?) some of you (Lorrrrrrrrraine) inexplicably have the hots for him regardless.