Jessica Alba gives good scarf

If there’s one thing living in Ireland teaches you, it’s layering.

It also teaches you to never go out of the house without a brolly and to pay absolutely no heed to the fact you can, and regularly do, experience at least four types of weather in the space of 60 minutes.

As an aside also, right now – and not so welcome – it is also teaching us that house spiders have gotten absolutely mahahahaaaasive over the warm summer. Disgusting beasts.

So, here are 12 large cotton scarves with which to smother them. Only kidding. Here are 12 large cotton scarves with which to swathe yourself as you run shrieking out of your house, never to return. Or at least until you can get someone to come around and put it into a glass and get rid of it. SHUDDER.

Green and orange animal print scarf, €15, AWear.

Geometric print scarf in mustard, purple anf dark turquoise, €35, Bow and Pearl.

Tribal skull scarf, €6, Heatons.

Kenzo Kalifornia zip clutch bag, €310, Brown Thomas.

Black and Red Tin Soldier Print Silk Rectangle Scarf, €130, Kiyoni.

Modern leopard in blue, €20, Warehouse.

Pie in the Sky scarf. Limited edition, luxury hand rolled/hand frayed silk modal, €200, Lisa Ryder.

McQ scarf, €238, at Harvey Nichols.

Bright red floral print lightweight scarf, €24, River Island.

Sandro scarf, at BT2.

Burberry-inspired Savida printed scarf, €12, Dunnes.

E Stars Of Tomorrow scarf in mint green by Beck Sonder Gaard, €80, Arnotts.