Burger from the Bird, Berlin/Pic: stilinberlin.de

Asking on Twitter for people’s favourite burger recommendations is fun, let me tell you. Nary a McDonalds among them, I hasten to add, but Burger King got a look in (the Whopper’s eternally popular, apparently) as did Gourmet Burger Kitchen (one solitary vote) and, disgustingly, a drunken homemade concoction of frozen horsething on white sliced pan. You know who you are.

Here’s what actually made the top five:

  1. The Bird, Berlin
    The holy effin’ grail of boigaz, lads. Tucked away on an unassuming street in Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin, this place is jesusBEYOND. Set up by a couple of ex-pat Brooklynites, it’s all about the meat. And more meat, and then some more, inside an English muffin. Exploding from it, in fact. Last time me and Himself Indoors were in Berlin we trekked through the snow for 25 minutes after a long U Bahn ride to find this place and had to share our table with two arsey, nosey Germans. It was worth it. I didn’t need to eat for about two days afterwards. Oh yum yum yum yum yum.
  2. Bunsen, Camden St, Dublin 2
    Awesome, delicious in Dublin terms – definitely our most delicious, juicy, crumbly burger – but the Bird it ain’t. Still, it will more than do, and I love their short, sweet and very edible menu, which causes me no forms of food ordering paralysis whatsoever. Just “can I have a double cheeseburger and a Brooklyn beer please.” Yes, yes I can. I feel like such a winner in Bunsen. They could possibly sort out the decor. Yeah I get the industrial vibe. I know they don’t want us to linger. just wish it didn’t feel quite so much like I was sitting in a low-rent Space-R-Us unit.
  3. Jo’Burger, Rathmines, Dublin 6 and Castle Market, Dublin 2
    Hat tipped a pile of times (I actually find Jo’Burger’s menu Christ-on-a-bike confusing but I will concede that I like that you can order only half a bready bun) one thing jumped out at me from who said “Jo’Burger – love their chickpea offering” . VG point, indeed they do.
  4. Eddie Rockets, nationwide
    Ah Empty Pockets. How I have emptied mine into yours over the years. Too many hungover Sundays were spent in the grim one in Phibsboro shopping centre with housemates in my late twenties as we sought to put the night before back together; and then there was the (far more recent) time I was on a diet and rang Himself Indoors up at work and screamed, “I CAN’T STAND THIS ANY MORE, TAKE ME TO EDDIE ROCKETS.” He did, God bless him, he did. In fact, I think most of us can empathise with both of my experiences, and this is why it makes #4 on the list. And nothing at all to do with the quality of its burgers.
  5. The Counter, Dundrum, Dublin 14 and Suffolk St, Dublin 2
    I’ve never been but lots of you are enthusiastic about its Suffolk St and Dundrum locations. “You can completely customise your burger. Yom,” says

Bubbling under: Gourmet Burger Bistro in Cork’s lamb burger with fig jam and smoked Gubbeen cheese, as recommended by ; Cheeseburgers from Passion for Food on Dublin’s Clanbrassil Street are very, very good, according to ; in Amsterdam; Hawksmoor and Big Dirty Burger in London; “Riverside Lunch in Charlottesville, Virginia back in September. Ho. Ly. Shit”, says .

Got one we didn’t mention? Then for the love of JAYSIS put us out of our misery and add it below! STAT.