There’ll be a zillion teenage boys, erm, manipulating themselves over this picture

Sigh. Here I am again, writing about Kim Bloody Kardashian. And worse, Kim K in a beige bra, of all things. That least alluring of all underwear items, pushed on us as a sensible choice to wear ‘neath white clothes and sheer things when black and pale shades aren’t deemed to be suitable. Oh – and they must be smooth cup, don’t forget.

In other words, a functional item with little to no sex appeal attached. Clearly there must be a Kardashian Kollection bra line en-route so, for this horrid fashion faux pas to have occurred. Stlll no matter, I’d say M&S’s marketing department is rubbing its hands together with glee even as the racks (racks, ha) are stacked on the shop floors.

Plus, Kim has done one other favour for those of you who do like the beige: now that there’ll be a zillion teenage boys, erm, manipulating themselves over this picture, this will slowly, yet surely normalise neutral-shaded brassieres as an item of extreme desire; therefore making them attractive into the future. I’m sure that was all part of her grand plan. She seems mad brainy.

Still don’t take it from me. I asked Twitter what the collective feeling was re: brown underwear. The consensus was one of general “eeeeuuuww”. Here’s what you all said:

Sweet yeezus. Did anyone like ’em!?

Sadly, she was the lone embedded tweet in the crowd. How do you feel a) about Kim’s RIG OUT and b) about beige bras? Oh do tell in a comment