You know when you want something so badly you keep going back to the shop to stroke it, and lay your eyes across it? Well, that’s how it is with me and this Eugenia Kim faux fur neckpiece, sitting pretty at Brown Thomas, Dublin. 

At about €285, that’s pretty much all I’ll be doing. There are a couple of other types but it’s the Marni-esque beading on this that really piqued my interest and I would definitely love it long time should I happen to win the Lotto. Or acquire it by other similarly unlikely means.

Triona McCarthy wearing a Eugenia Kim Caterina Hat

A US-born accessories brand, it’s not just neckwear. Nope, in fact, its roots lie in hats: one of this year’s most column inch-worthy is the Caterina, worn here by my auld mucker Triona McCarthy. Who gives good pussy, I think you will agree.