LOOK I KNOW. I realise this is a horribly smug, posey pic but it was the best one so I had to use it. Ahem.

After I wrote about those strandtastic Xevana stacklaces Folkster is stocking, they axed me if I’d like one. Would I like one? Ah here. Would a bear shi …Yes. I had another look at what was in stock and the Pandora I was what stood out: different from the extreme rhinestones of the others, I reckoned I’d probably get more wear from it.

At €95, it’s not cheap, but at the same time a) because of the way the pieces are made, from several other necklaces, you know, stacked together (smart, those naming fellas), you can wear each piece a few ways and b) I’ve several other necklaces and collars I’ve handed over €100 of my own cash-money for, so yeah, I would shell out for this. 

The Pandora I is made up of four necklaces, strung together. It’s quite a complex operation how they’re fixed and you’d do well to not take this off when pissed, or you’ll probably never get it back together properly again – take an iPhone snap of it as it arrives, is my advice. Mine came with a pair of button earrings and a piece of extension chain, so you can lengthen the whole, or any of the individuals.

Xevanna Stacklace

Pandora I detail

But here. How to actually wear this? The temptation is to go really OTT and wear this with a something dressy. But then I’d never actually put it on: black tie events being few and far between. And it is quite an intimidating piece. So, I took some of the daunt-factor out of it by wearing it with a tartan shirt from Penneys during the day, and it worked pretty damn nicely indeed.

I like; I will wear in similar fashion again. The one thing I’d say is that if you’re prone to rashes from costume pieces then keep an eye out with that from these: my chest was a litte itchy after a day’s wear – but this is the case with a lot of metal-backed costume pieces I have.

Xevana stacklaces are available from Folkster, from €65: would you?