It seems like a sort of European Accessorize: there’s already a Parfois store present and correct in Terminal 1 at Dublin Airport, but unless you’ve been through there in the past 12 months, then it’s likely you’ll have missed it. I have – I tend to go out through T2 mostly – so the news that this Portuguese company is launching a shop on Mary Street (just off Henry Street), this week is good news.

It’s definitely a highstreet brand: you’ll find jewellery, watches, shoes, belts, wallets and bags, you don’t need to anticipate high prices and on that note, expect leather-look as opposed to the real thing. For a weekend splurge, you’ll find plenty to pick up. Like the little lot above:

  1. Ladybug ring, €6.90

  2. Cocktail Punk Necklace, €14.90

  3. Cubes earrings, €14.90

  4. Transparent print clutch, €39.90

  5. Greenery Ring, €6.90

  6. Cheeky Sunglasses, €17.90

  7. Light earrings, €4.90

  8. Snake heels, €29.90

  9. Queen bracelet, €17.90

​​Will you nip in for a gander?