Your card is gonna stand the hell out on the mantelpiece of anyone you send it to. Boom.

Last year, fed up to the back teeth of mass-produced cards, I ordered 12 of Ursula Celano‘s utterly adorable squirrel-print Christmas cards, thinking vaguely that that’d be oh, you know, more than enough.

20 minutes later, after I’d written and addressed ones to immediate family and a couple of friends, I ran out. Necessitating a purchase of some poxy glittery yokes with sleighs and Santas on them from M&S (or similar) anyway. 

I know. I know.

Ursula Celano Christmas Cards

This year, that will not happen: Celano is selling a set of 30 of her beautifully-designed and handmade cards for €40, or alternatively you can buy individuals of each design for €3 a pop and there are a couple of other multiple options as well.

Ursula Celano New Year Card

Psst: there’s a New Year’s card too

Sounds expensive? Yeah, I guess, but I didn’t really think so – and clearly buying more costs less over all. The thing is this: you’re supporting an Irish designer who makes awesomely great things in Ireland and the paper the cards are made from comes from managed forests.

But this perhaps, is the thing that might clinch it: your card is gonna stand the hell out on the mantelpiece of anyone you send it to. Boom.