More ace home-grown design talent here: Dara picked out a couple of Snow’s pieces in her round-up of non-Godawful Christmas decorations last week, and in a nosy around the brand’s website, I came across this.

This is what says Dublin to me. Forget yer auld Ha’penny bridges, Molly Malone statues or Spires: I get a tightness in my throat when I see the Pigeon House chimmleys from the air coming into land, even if I’ve only been to London for the day. I’m not sure why or when it was formed, and I’ve never been within a stone’s throw of it either, but this is the one thing about the city that always spells home.

Cut from transparent red acrylic, it’s mounted onto a clear block, measures 14cm wide, 2.5cm deep and 11.5cm tall. €15.95 is the remarkably reasonable damage, and it can be bought online from