Oh man, I have had the worst cold for the past week or so. A real serious, stay-in-bed streamer, the sort that lingers for days and days even after the worst has passed. Meaning your nose is red raw, chapped to bits and so sore you can barely touch it.

Years ago I started circumventing the nose-chap by slathering lipbalm on it. Stuff like antiseptic cream doesn’t really work because you need something hydrating and emollient – exactly, in fact, what you want for sore, dry lips.

So, here’s what I really like, and what I’ve been finding actually works.

  1. Creme de la Mer Lip Balm, €58
    Ah yeah I know. It’s ridiculous to be putting this on your nose. But the thing is, when you’re prone in the scratcher, miserable as all hell and hugging your hot water bottle, it feels so nice and soothing. And it does help ease sore, peeling nostrils too.
  2. Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm, €4.59
    Most stick balms are too firm to be nice to use on a sore nose but because this is beeswax, it’s a lot softer. The addition of lanolin and almond oil means you’ve got a barrier in the wax, and nice nourishing treats in the other pair of ingredients, so this helps things along nicely.
  3. Vaseline Lip Therapy with Coco Butter, €2.19
    I don’t have much, or any, truck with Vaseline as a lip fix. Petroleum on its own just forms a barrier, and you need something else in there to hydrate or heal. The cocoa butter in this seems to do the trick, and it’s a good price.
  4. Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream, €32
    I love this in the pot particularly, as sometimes it can be a bit difficult to squeeze out of the tube. Despite being mostly petroleum it has lanolin and vitamin E, and they do the trick for fixing dry, scaly bits.
  5. Avene Cold Cream Lipbalm, about €11
    Just really, really effective and good at fixing clints and grikes in lip skin, it works just as well on damaged noses. Lovely.

Have you got a favourite nose wonder?