D’ya ever get a mate asking you for a recommendation for a pub/salon/restaurant recommendation and you’re all, uhhhhhh … instant amnesia?

I get like that about a lot of things, and because I’m constantly asked about skincare stuff, and coming up short due to BRAIN FUSION, this post is in part for you, and in part a future handy resource for me. 

10 creams I’d happily recommend to my dry-skinned BBZ brethren are contained within. That you? Soak it up, gurl. 

Avene Extrememly Rich Compensating Cream, €30, is like butter for your face. Nice butter though. It is a bit congestion-making but where it loses points for that, it scores points for adding plumpness and smoothness to a crone-like visage.

Vitamin E is one of those ingredients that's ace for dry skin. You'll see it in ingredients listings as tocopherol, which is its official biz name and that's why it makes the Body Shop's  Vitamin E moisturiser, €14.95, so nice. I'd mix this one with an oil, and I'm also crazy-fond of the matching masque.

At €73, this ain't cheap (in fact a lot of these BBZ picks ain't) but this is just gorgeous. It's unctuous, beautiful to use and makes skin feel hydrated, smooth and as a base for makeup, it can't be beat.

So many feels about Creme de la Mer, €135. This isn't for you if skin is oily, normal or otherwise not Saharan, but it is genuinely a wonder for very dry and sensitive. I love it, me fella loves it. I'd bathe in it but price prohibits that. 

Delicious French skincare brand Darphin has so many moisturisers I rate but this one I think pips the lot. It's peptide-packed, helps with collagen production, therefore plumpness, and is a great moisturiser too. So many anti-agers forget about the hydration element, but this one kills it. The damage? It's about €60.

First, the bad news: Guinot Age Logic Cellulaire is about €140. I know, right? Yikes. Thankfully, it looks like a little spaceship and it is also out of this world. There's loads of stuff about cellular ageing bla de bla, but the results speaketh fpr themselves: this delivers a dewy, fresh complexion that is the reverse of haggard.

If there could be such a thing as a dupe for Creme de la Mer then this is it. Rosa Arctica, €52, is awesome. Like la Mer, you need to soften it between the fingers before you apply to the face, but it's so great for skin suffering from the ravages of winter.

A beautiful, rich, silky-feeling cream, this also smells beautiful and boasts anti-ageing properties thanks to the inclusion of the Immortelle flower. Recently L'Occitane boosted the formula and had it independently tested. €82.

A bit of a surprise recommendation; Nuxe Nuxellence Jeunesse Youth and Radiance Revealing Fluid, €49, wasn't one I thought would do the trick for my skin as it's quite a lightweight emulsion. But actually in spring and autumn, combined with serum, it's a beautiful pick. Divinely scented too.

Warning: this is for women in the menopause. I often find I get on well with skincare for this category, probably because it addresses the issues I have: dryness, dullness, grumpiness. Oh, hang on. It's €98.