If you’ve been on Dublin’s South William over the past couple of months you can’t have avoided the Benefit hoarding slap bang and centre on the street. Announcing the imminent arrival of Ireland’s debut boutique, finally the wait is (nearly) over, because this 4,500 square foot beauty boutique will open to the public on Friday 18th October.

It’s way more than just product: open from 8.30am each weekday morning, you can nip in for a pre-work blowdry or mani, and it’ll keep its doors open till 7pm (and later on Thursdays too.) Those who want to quickly stock up on They’re Real or Brow Zings can still pop into Brown Thomas as that counter’s staying in situ, so no worries on that score, but this boutique’s about a whole new offering from Benefit for its Irish customers: get your makeup done, buy your mascara, build a relationship with your waxer (absolutely no double-dipping here) and have your nails seen to. They’ve pretty much got the lot.

We popped in this AM for a gander and here’s what we snapped. Enjoy!

Just some of the detail from this gorgeous new addition to the Dublin beauty scene.

It wouldn't be Benefit without some of its own-brand wit on the walls, eh?

There's lots and lots to buy, if that's your reason for popping in - and this season's gifts are great.

More decor. Sure I feel like this awwwwll the time, Frillseekers.

Two blowout chairs are available at any given time in a spacious, dedicated area to the rear of the main floor.

And there's some suggested hair ideas for you to copy - including a Michaela - though they're way too classy to call it that. I did, though. Because I am a cheeky cow.

Here's your hairwash station and blow dry bar. Super-swish and girlie as befits the Benefit brand.

Sebastian's the product of choice. Particularly good for styling - which is, after all, what's basically on offer here - I think it was a great pick, and one that's often use editorially and backstage. You can also buy product to take home.

More hair products, and their prices.

MmmMM. Lipgloss.

I dunno about you, but I agree with all of the above.

There's room on the makeup counters for eight customers to be attended to at once. And oh, what pretty counters - and they're just packed full of product.

Look at how pretty the counter design is. Swoon.

Just some of the products you can be beautified with.

And these!

This is the nail and brow waiting area - though I don't think they'll promise mini cheesecakes on sticks every day (from new sweet eats emporium Cheesecake Dublin, by the way.) I will also confess to eating two of them. Ok, three.

CND is the brand of choice for nails and Shellac and Vinylux are on offer. As far as I'm aware, the Benefit Boutique is one of very few - if not the only - location offering Vinylux in Ireland. I can't wait to have a go.

Brows are of course a feature. Four customers can be seen at once and it's not just the wax and shape - here you'll be able to have a lash tint too. In 2014 there'll be individual lashes and permanent lashes added to the menu.

And some brand heroes.

There are also services rooms on a quiet level above the makeup floor for waxing. Each is beautifully decorated and wittily titled, and here's where you'll hang out while you'll wait to be seen. I know, right?

No prizes for guessing what goes on in the Barbados Booth. Vita Liberata tan is the product of choice here and a special tan machine uses extraction technology for the best result.

I'll leave you with a little primer on how hard the Benefit peeps worked on this build: because the building is Grade II listed and Georgian, they had a lot of boxes to tick. The walls downstairs couldn't be wallpapered in the brand's paper and so had to be painted in a replica. Many more things like this had to be satisfied in order to pass muster - which you've gotta do when working on an old building - but they did it and it all looks awesome. Pop in and check it out for yourself when it opens.