YSL’s Spring beauty look lands in just under a month: January 2nd to be precise. Yikes! That’s hardly any time to save up for the gorgeousness including that awesome star of the show, the Rosy Blush collector palette, €49.50.

YSL Spring 2014 collector blush palette

It’s gotta be the most embellished thing ever: the powder’s pressed into a fabric pattern and the case has a Chinoserie motif on the front. Yum. Hmm. What’s it for? 

“The very lightly coloured nude blush creates fresh radiance and subtly sculpts the cheekbones with powdery light-catching pearls. Like an explosion of roses that light up the complexion with soft freshness,” says YSL makeup artist Lloyd Simmons. Thanks Lloyd.

YSL Spring 2014 nail shades

RrRRr! look at these! Two shades of La Laque Couture in Rose Scabiosa and Rouge Pablo are €24 a pop.

YSL Spring 2014 rouge volupte

Luv U Rouge Volupte: four shades of the Shine formula are incoming at €31.50. Coliurs are Fuchsia Tourbillon, Corail Jalouse, Rose Neillia and Rose Asarine.

YSL Spring 2014 beauty look la laque couture

More to pucker up for with a pair of Rouge Pur Couture Vernis À Levres glossy shines in Rouge Avant-Gardiste and Bourgogne Artistique. They’re €33.

YSL Spring 2014 Gloss Volupte

YSL Spring 2014 Gloss Volupte

But here’s the real star of the lip show: a whole new category’s incoming for YSL with the juicy, pigment-packed Gloss Volupte, €25, available in 24 shades and three types of shine – iridescent, shimmering and sheer. For the spring collection, four of them have the fancy moniker Avant Premiere, if you don’t mind. They are Rose Fusion, Prune Organdi, Rose Orfèvre and Terriblement Fuchsia. 

YSL Spring 2014

So what can you do with all that new makeup then? Oh, you know: this.

This, and the pic at the very top are two beauty looks created by YSL artist Fred Letailleur back in October when the collection was previewed. 

So, is YSL spring 2014 one for the wishlist or one you’ll walk on by?