Old Phil’s daughter’s doing alright for herself, isn’t she? Being an eyebrow icon, fronting Lancome, doing some other stuff that possibly involves … acting? 

Lancome French Ballerine  lily collins model look

Here’s her first foray into a beauty campaign for Lancome and it’s ballet-inspired with the theme carrying through to the ribbon bows atop the shadow and blush compacts. Speaking of which …

Lancome French Ballerine  illuminating blush

One shade of illuminating Highlighter Blush, €45, is heading our way. The colour’s Rose Ballerine. To the top of the page you can spy the Doll Eyes Hypnose palette, €48, also in Rose Ballerine; a confection of five satin pinks. It looks yummy. 

But there’s even more for eyes. Yup.

Lancome French Ballerine

These mousse-gel fellers are Hypnôse Ultra Dazzling Colours, €27 each. In Spinelle Rose and Topaze Dorée, they’re Lancome’s answer to Chanel’s Illusion d’Ombre.  

Nails have a bright fuchsia Vernis in Love colour coming and there’s a taupe mascara (ooh, interesting), but here’s the last product I have a pic for.

Lancome French Ballerine  plumping gloss

This here’s a volumising gloss. And if you don’t like minty things you’re bang out of luck: “Gloss In Love Volumizer actively plumps lips thanks to a hot-cold contrast effect created by combining polyols with menthol,” apparently. It’s €24.

The whole shebang whizzes onto counter in spring-is-sprung style on January 8th. What will you be buying?