I suspect adults download these apps from the crack team of Chris Judge, Simon Judge and James Kelleher (who designed Frillseeker’s logo, fact fanz) as much for themselves as for any child-rearing benefits.

Because they are deadly.

Based around Chris’ creation The Beast, who is not one bit scary and who Himself Indoors’ three-and-a-half-year-old niece loves with a passion, this is the second app from the trio and takes up where the ABC left off, teaching smallies of four-plus (or three plus if they’re very smart) their numbers from one to 12.

123 in action

The ABC is awesome – it features cute creatures doing deadly things and never fails to raise a chuckle. As someone with no kids, it always astounds me as to the pacifying effect of a smartphone on a fractious child, but parents are well aware, and I’m pretty sure this 123 newbie from The Beast massive will go down a treat over Christmas too to keep the peace. 

Bonus? It’s a mere €1.79 on the App store; so really – you know what you’ve gotta do.