We called the shade of the year for 2014 as blue back in mid-November: all the top trend predictors at the big paint firms like Crown and Farrow and Ball reckoned it was a shoe-in for Dazzling Blue as the hue for the new year but no, Pantone had to go and throw a curveball last week. 

The colour of the year for the next 12 months is in fact Radiant Orchid, a bright lilac-purple that’s really quite nice and is as suited to makeup shades as it is to home interiors and fashion. And that’s not something you can always say about the brand’s annual shade choices.

So, if you want to lead the pack as opposed to hopping the bandwagon, I’d suggest a judicious investment in one or more of these key beauty pieces. Oh, as always, you’re terribly welcome.

  1. Sally Hansen’s nail shades have got to be one of the easiest ways to try the colour on for size. Purple Heart or Good to Grape in the Complete Salon Manicure Range, €8.95 each, are both good bets.
  2. You’d hardly call this subtle, but Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal Glitter Liner in ACDC, €18, is a really easy way to wear purple on the eyes, and looks great dotted over a smokey eye as well.
  3. Fear not: this Bobbi Brown shade, Ultra Violet, €24, is one of her Shimmer Washes, and is therefore really sheer and delicate when applied and not crazy mad purple scary lady.
  4. Go for a gloss if you’re really alarmed by the shade: Revlon’s are good bets at decent prices. With a couple of different varieties available, you’ll pay around €11 a go.
  5. Kevin Murphy’s Colour Bugs, €19.50, were one of the products that kicked the whole at-home colour chalking craze off. Now available in Ireland (look for ’em at Hession Hairdressers, Ciaran Nevin and Preen among others) the purple is perfect for getting your Radiant Orchid on.

So, tell the truth and shame the divil: is it a look you like or loathe? To the comments with you.