With a couple of well-chosen new purchases and a judicious amount of shopping my own stash, I’m pretty well set for Christmas on the accessories front.

I need an ace bag, some sweet shoes and a couple of statement jewellery pieces as well as makeup essentials. Narrowing them down to 12 was tough, but hey: you (and me) are worth it. 

Here they are, ladies: my 12 accessories of Christmas. Have fun.

You beauty: I bagged this piece of swag at last week's Joanne Hynes sample sale pop up at Tropical Popical. Usual price? €460. I got it for €220. I am sick with delight for myself. It has two straps; one short you can see and another long to wear cross-body. One of my best ever going out purchases. 

Of the trio of bronzers in the just-landed-at-Arnotts Michael Kors line, it's Flush that's the one that's best suited to paler skintypes. It has a rose-gold cast to it and it's massive too, so is going to last me well past Christmas. €45's the damage.

This here's my super-gaudy Marc Jacobs cuff, bought on a press trip to Paris several years ago. Yeah. The fact it's really quite bad taste is the majority of its appeal for me, to be honest. 

Newbies to my earring stash, I bought these chandelier fellers in Topshop last week for €22, and I imagine I'll wear the hell out of them until they either break or I lose one down the loo in Whelan's/The Lord Edward/insert regular Kirstie haunt here.

Aww, c'mon. It's Christmas. I gotta have me some bright lips. As a fan of loud shades, this Giorgio Armani matte-effect lip maestro liquid lip colour, €24, from the current Eccentrico collex is right up my street. 

Christmas is about the only time of year I will ever entertain the wearing of coloured mascara. This one from Butter London, Indigo Punk, €18, looks awesome, eh? I shall be trying it out, oh yes.

Essie's luxeffects topcoats are Christmas, bottled. €9.99 a pop. Get'em now.

A jewelled sparkler's a bit of a festive essential, no? River Island will deliver you up this ribbon-tied version for about €18.

It belonged to the much-missed Prescriptives brand, then it went over to Aramis, and now Calyx (say it kay-lix) has found a home at Clinique. This almost-unisex, sharp, zesty scent is excellent for winter I think - it cuts right through all those foody aromas and will really get you noticed.

We might be in the era of the stacker, the mid-finger feller and delicate bands, but the cocktail ring will never fall out of favour with me. This one's from Kenneth Jay Lane and was a pressie from Himself Indoors, who picked it all by his lonesome. Spot on dude.

Berlin shoe, €71.

This has already been saving my skin against onset-of-winter-weather skin. Around Christmastime when there tends to be a lot of late nights and booze, skin goes to hell in a handcart. L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser Renew Night, €19.99, is awesome: it's a moisturising masque you apply before bed and it does work - it definitely boosts the moisture levels of Gobi desert skin overnight. Totally keeping this one to hand over the festive period this year.