Giant gong at the ready, Frillseekers: the must-have material for the home for 2014 is… copper, the prince of finishes. It’s in lighting, of course, that the material really comes into its own, with its gorgeous reddish orange reflective surface.

This year, though, loads of modernist-minded creative types have been mining the material for other home uses too. Here are our favourites.

  1. Clancy Moore Design’s Strand lamps were a big hit when they launched at London Design Festival last year. There’s something a bit human about their form, and each one is unique, handmade in Portadown and individually numbered. They start at €395 for the smallest one but c’mon, this is Lamp For Life territory.
  2. Pauline Delfour is a French industrial designer who has worked for the likes of Alessi and Muji, so it’s no surprise her own personal collection is super elegant and functional. Makers & brothers, purveyors of Good Taste, picked up her series of copper trays this year. They’re 37cm in diameter and just SO shiny you’ll want to wear gloves to handle it. €160,
  3. Ferm Living, the Danish design shop, did a whole series of copper items earlier this year, with a fun twist. Their copper tray has little triangle laser cuts that elevate it from an average accessory. It’s €47 and currently out of stock, but should be back in store soon.
  4. Another gorgeous piece by Ferm Living – the classic desk penholder, in shiny copper form. It’s a bit of a stretch at €100, but bear in mind we are reaching ‘peak copper’ as half of the world’s entire supply was mined in the past 25 years. Hence the [copper-plated] price tags.
  5. Lights plus copper equals winning combo. This is the Goodwin pendant light with a black exterior finish and internal copper coating, so it emits a lovely warm glow. Dig the slightly industrial styling too. It’s £35 from
  6. House Doctor, another genius Danish design crew, makes this slightly ancient-looking copper jug. You don’t have to wear gladiator sandals to use it, but it helps. It’s €94 at
  7. Marks and Spencer has outdone itself for Spring Summer 2014 with this little number: possibly the only conical copper pendant light you’ll ever need. Imagine three of these in a row over an island – swoon. We don’t have a confirmed euro price yet, but it’s £269 sterling, so expect it to be close to the €350 mark.
  8. Last but not least: Littlewoods, who I find have really upped their game when it comes to producing homewares that don’t look like they… well, fell out of a catalogue. This copper-look factory-style pendant light is so new you won’t be able to buy it online for a couple more weeks, when it will cost around €21.