A search for festive nail art, much like a search for anything on Instagram, will turn up as many gems as it does howlers.

Like, for example, the artfully snapped in-car pic of Christmas-themed nails with the Audi car logo as the focus of the shot. Was the aim to show off the talons or the ride, I wondered?

Needless to say, I left that one out, but I did edit down a selection of 14 festive funzers you can try out yourself over the holliers. Some are so easy even I could do ’em, and some will require rather more skill. Enjoy!

I like the matte and almost-neon effect user bows @ahnailart's got going on here. Plus, with a bit of practice, I *think* I might be able to do it. Might.

I love candy cane nails! Love 'em. @mividalocanails' are pretty complex but also pretty awesome.

Who could fail to be moved by a fistful of Elf nails? WHO? Someone dead inside, that's who. Good work @nailsbyjenna.

Yowsa. Literally everything and the Christmas tree. These are excellent. I would stand no chance against @nailsdoneright.


Glitter's always good, eh? These are bedazzled even more with festive bows. Nice one @mirannasmith.


These here are Christmas lights done nail-art stylee. Cute! The artist is @ruggedtoradiant.

A classic Christmas combo, red and white never fails. I guess that's why @salontipntoe went for it then, eh?

Too classy for tinsel and glitter? Scandi nails for you so, you fancy thing. I'm liking these ones from @fashion_page a lot.

Very chic, eh? Snowflake nails and super-subtle glitter from @nailsbyalexandra.

Lookit these! Snowmen, snow scenes ... fun-tastic. Take a bow, @nonaphilippa.

Cartoon characters have Christmas too, right? Spongebob gets festive thanks to @_omgnails_. Love it. Wonder what she'll do for St Patrick's? Patrick's - geddit? Ok, no.

BLOODY HELL. These are amazing. Tree and glitter courtesy of @Strawbrie.

She's got the lot, does @beckymf, but I think I like her detailed wreath the most.

Yummy: Pudding is my favourite Christmas food. Nice work, @helena511. Psst: penguins are ok too.