“My birthday is perfectly located in June so I have a good six months to decide what I want Santa to bring me. I was never one to go for the obvious marking of the Argos catalogue (who was fancy enough to have one of them anyway back in the day?). I was rather more Brando about my Santa wish list: I would react and fanny about with imaginary gift I was yet to receive, basically showing to the world how better my life (and their lives) would be if I was in possession of such a magical gift.  

“While no Christmas can ever truly compete with the year my Christmas Clothes was a fantastic reversible Mickey Mouse jumper (come on out there how many of you also had reversible Mickey Mouse jumper – we’re not being posh, I am pretty sure they were a Dunnes special) but that year Santa brought me a white Walkman (not an actual brand name of course – but you get the idea) that was possibly the size of a brick.

“I was so freaking cool with my cassettes that recorded Top of the Pops straight from the TV and possibly played my dads Christy Moore cassettes ’cause they were the only other tapes in the house.

“Anyway, this year like every year I would love to recapture the magic of that show-stopping Mickey Mouse/Christy Moore/craply recorded tapes Christmas, although I would like to point out that I absolutely love giving presents and part of me wants to be Santa when I grow up (without the beard, but I am swiftly on the way to a big round belly like a bowlful of jelly, and can we change the colour of the suit, red doesn’t suit me).

“This year I would LOVE love love the Babyliss Curl Secret.  It’s a bit of a whopper at €160, but I assure you Santa that I have been a very good girl indeed and only randomly bold.  Santa, just imagine the time I will save, time where I could be doing good deeds (eating chocolate and watching TV) rather than painstakingly curling my hair. I think my hair will look fabulous with waves and I think we owe it to me, my hair and the WORLD that I get a Curl Secret.  

“P.S.: Santa, I would also like a surprise, as you know by know I always ask for a little surprise.  I am never reckless enough to ask for a surprise as my whole pressie (no offense but you’re off in the North Pole and you might not know what is cool here, let’s face it most of the time I don’t know what’s cool), but I do like a small surprise.  Remember last year you got me that massive cookie that said Merry Christmas?  That was pretty awesome. No pressure Santa, and I’ll keep up the good work by being very nice indeed.”

Mags blogs beauty (and is very funny with it) along with her one and a half other pals at Emerald Eyeliner.