Although you might overlook professional products for yourself, they are actually an amazing gift to give

Token gifts – the ones that are supposed to be easy to buy last minute as you’re storming around the shops two days before Christmas in a sweat, swatting other shoppers out of your way (just me?) – are often the most annoying, tedious and time consuming to buy.

Because let’s face it, not only is it nigh on impossible to get anything daycent for less than fifty quid, it’s also really hard to get something that you know the receiver will like. But fear not my fellow last-minute Frillseekers because there is a solution to your problem – and it can be found on the shelves of your hairdresser!

Ever wonder why your hair is silky-soft after a blowdry? That would be the gorgeous glossing serum your stylist has applied. Or how you suddenly have a lot more oomph at your roots than usual? That would be the volumising treatment applied at the basin.

Although you might overlook professional products for yourself, they are actually an amazing gift to give – and who doesn’t love a swanky shampoo and conditioner instead of the usual supermarket stuff? Or a hassle-free hairbrush, that won’t rip your hair to shreds or add to your split-ends?

If you usually overlook expensive-looking products that are probably positioned beside the till, don’t – believe me, the hairdresser is a gold mine for great gifts and a lot less stressful than a jam-packed department store.

Here are some of my top picks. 

Kevin Murphy

If you haven’t heard of Kevin Murphy and his eponymous range of hair care you’re missing out! Not only has the Australian stylist tended to the tresses of various celebs and models and appeared in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and practically every other fashion glossy known to woman, he’s developed one of the best ranges around. Paraben- and sulfate-free, every product smells amazing, makes your hair swishy and shiny and the packaging alone is enough to entice you to buy everything but the standout products from the range are the Angel Wash and Rinse combo, €22 each. 


Thinning hair can be a bit of a taboo subject but for many women it’s an issue that can affect them at various stages of their lives. So, if a loved one has complained that their hair is getting thinner, finer or is lacking in volume of late, why not give them a product that will help to combat the problem? Formulated to make each strand of hair appear thicker and fuller from root to tip, Nioxin DiaBoost, €47.99, is a leave in treatment that targets the scalp to promote healthier hair growth and is super easy to use. It’s a little bit pricey, but it lasts for months. We promise.

Tangle Teezer

This oddly-shaped brush isn’t new but believe me, everyone should own a Tangle Teezer, €15.99. It can tease out the worst kind of tangles – you know those matted ones you get if you’ve just got your hair coloured or have backcombed and hairsprayed your barnet within an inch of its life (looks disapprovingly into the distance) – but doesn’t pull at your scalp, taking clumps of hair in the process. 


For me, a thick and creamy Kerastase masque is the holy grail of hair care and was one of the first beauty splurges I treated myself to as a teen – when I lived at home and my part-time job in Topshop gave me more disposable income than I have now. But I digress: the newly formulated Nutritive Irisome Masquintense, €28.50​, gives hair that lovely ‘I just got my hair done’ smell and can transform even the most lacklustre tresses. 

Wella SP ​Luxe Oil 

Hair oils are big business these days and it can hard to know which ones are actually good for your hair, won’t weigh it down and make blowdrying and styling easier. But if I’m honest, I don’t really discriminate if they contain more silicone than the cast of TOWIE because at the end of the day, I’m not bothered if a synthetic ingredient does the job, innit. And I’m kind of more swayed by the smell. But, that being said, the SP Luxe Oil, €29.99, really does do your hair some good thanks to its Transform Technology, which protects the natural keratin from the inside and ticks all the other boxes too.