Not landing until March – which actually doesn’t seem that long away now, does it? eerk – Benefit’s Lollitint, €34.50, couldn’t actually be more on the money shade-wise for 2014.

Benefit Lollitint Bottle

Cos it’s a radiant orchid, innit? Almost a 100% match for Pantone’s dedicated shade of the year, which we took a look at recently.

I wasn’t entirely sure I’d be able to wear this until it arrived and I got a goo at it: I’ve more or less given up on hectic, hot pinks for cheeks – they make me look hot and uncomfortable, even if I’m freezing. I think the whole Irish having a tendency to high colour on our faces thing can work against a hotter pink shades and I personally think I suit peaches and rose golds better.

Benefit Lollitint bottle - open

This, however, is a cool-toned lilac, so it changes the gameplan all over again.

If we’ve learned anything from the slew of skincare-alike and complexion-correcting products that launched in the last year or so it’s that certain shades can be used to either enhance or counteract particular pitfalls.

Lilac helps with sallowness, so if that’s you then this could be a fit. As a pale-skinned cool-undertones type, Lollitint appeals to me as well for cheeks (but not lips, yellow teeth, y’all), because the fact it isn’t a warm, hot shade, will be more flattering on my face. 

Benefit Lollitint swatches

See what I mean? It’s more on the lavender and lilac side of things with blue in there as opposed to a reddened shade like fuchsia, which I love on lips but leave for cheeks. Speaking of which, I’m trialing Lollitint on mine, and will report back.

What do you think of it? A love it or a leave it?