New Year’s Eve is many, many things. A night for kissing at midnight, disco balls, confetti and – if you’re not a cast member of the OC (anyone else remember that epic New Year’s Eve party Marissa’s mad friend held in his penthouse apartment?) – disappointing plans, wet kisses and never (ever) enough sequins.
Which is where this week’s Rosemary rates comes in: glitter! Sparkle! Ridiculous accessories! If nothing else, New Year’s Eve is a time to leave all of your inhibitions (if you have such a thing) behind and go seriously OTT (and then even further over the top). Think sequins, multi-coloured glitter and items you would never be seen dead with on another day – y’know, like a sequinned fanny pack (aka bumbag but, I think you’ll agree, fanny pack is way better).

Amora sequin coin purse, £164

All jokes aside, this coin purse is actually lovely. Granted, it’s slightly reminiscent of something you could have made from a Hobby Shop craft set, but it’s bright and sparkly and multi-coloured and FUN, all of which adjectives should apply to your NYE outfit. You’ll barely fit your phone in it (but honestly, with all that goes wrong on NYE I would recommend bringing only cash and lipstick) and your mother will ask if you made it yourself, but WHO CARES. It’s New Year’s, mother.

Asos’s sequined fanny pack, €38.36

I think you’ll agree that there is no better term in the English language than “fanny pack”. Hilarious! I laugh, Beavis & Butthead style, every time I hear it or see it written down. Hilaire. This baby is one of those odd juxtapositions of sweet (candy-coloured sequins) and ridiculous (about the size of an American football) with contrast zip and black strap. I’d almost wager you could use it as a handbag, although it’s far funnier as a fanny pack.

Berlin shoe, €71.

Tom Binns’ chain and stone drop earrings, €226.80 (reduced from €324)

Here beginneth the slightly more serious portion of our show: these earrings are gorgeous, and - not that size is everything - mahoosive. Mahoosive! I am a big fan of massive earrings, personally, but I know they’re not for everyone because, for some reason, people find them a bit too much. Too much? No such thing, is what I have to say about this. And in all ‘n’ anyways, if you think they’re too much, remember: New Year’s Eve. Where anything goes.

"A little neck bling," says @likemamuse2tobake understatedely.