Sucks to be Kim Kardashian this Christmas. As she opened the signature orange box from Hermes, lovingly purchased by that prickeyes her fella Kanye, her materialistic little heart must have leapt in her enhanced chest.

Waiting lists, sky-high price tags and a WAG-tastic status all make this bag a must have for saps with more money than sense. So no doubt she would have been beside herself with excitement. Until she turned it over and saw the HORRORSHOW ON THE OTHER SIDE.

Carelessly thrown on there in five minutes by Kanye’s artist pal George Condo, this is hysterically horrible. Laughably gross. And now she has to carry it around in public! That fella she married for 15 minutes must be laughing his ass off. Oh, Karma, what a bitch you are.

Spare a thought for her if you can though, because it’s tough when you get given a crap present. These 10 people know how Kim K feels. Share their pain in our bad gifs gallery and if you’ve gotten one yourself, login to leave a comment and tell us what it is!

"Someone's been naughty this year. #crocs #badgifts." Pic: @jibbletmuffins

"OKAY I DON'T GIVE A SHIT WHAT'S IN IT I DON'T WANT A FRICKIN CROC IN MY LIVING ROOM OKAY. @onedirection COULD BE CUPCAKING IN THAT DAMN CROC AND I WOULD STILL MAKE THEM LEAVE. Actually probably not, but like that's so circumstantial, a heat of the moment sort of deal I'm sure." Pic: @infamous_teens

Mmmm. After dick mints. What every girl about town wants to open, in front of her parents. Pic: @_karenlomeli

A close-up on Kim's bastardised Birkin. Soz for your loz, Kimmy.

"Thanks grandma! (Shes 84). #juicygiftexchange #whatthefuck #christmas #why" Pic: @f0x_s0ul

"Worlds worst Xmas present from my dad, a mug with a photo of myself. #worstchristmasgift #badpresents #sippingcoffeeoutofmyhead." Pic: @rachelsparrowss

Spare another thought for these cousins: "The annual "Thanks Uncle Joe this is wayy better than money!" pic." Pic: @amycz123

"The worlds worst Secret Santa mix up #badpresents #badsanta." Pic:@levi_jane 

@misscatbradley Tweeted a pic of this perfume which her aunt claimed was Chanel No 5. She also helpfully included a note on the back in case it got lost. Misspelled. Cat notes: "previous presents from the same aunt include used phone credit and a packet of rich tea biscuits *spoiled*"

Oh, just what everyone wants: a Peter Andre book. Pic: @sheridanfx

"Could not cope when my grandad got me this for Christmas last year, poor man." Pic: @abbiechadwick