The golden girl: Beyoncé

I was going to put Kim Kardashian in here instead – blame the excessive alcohol consumption over the last couple of weeks – but then she went and debuted that monstrosity of a handbag that Kanye bought her for the Christmas and I thankfully was shocked back to my senses and realised that she has zero style, is an even bigger dope than I thought she was and that if anyone should get the credit for her new blonde do, it should be Yeezy. And that is never going to happen.

So, I decided to bestow the honour on Queen Bey – who is basically Kanye’s muse. But we won’t hold that against her. What I love the most about Beyoncé’s peroxide do is that it shouldn’t work but it does and it proves that people with darker skin tones who are naturally brunette can hit the bottle. And I’ll hazard a guess that her super stylish and infinitely cooler younger sis Solange is behind it and anything Solange does is a winner in my book. 

Carey Mulligan

The Grow Out Grafter: Carey Mulligan

I have a lot of resect for anyone who grows out a shorter style. I’m currently trying to grow out a curtain-fringe yoke that I decided to get on a whim back in the summer and the wispy bits around my face that are still too short to fit into a ponytail are quite frankly, driving me mental.

So hats off to Carey Mulligan for growing out her pixie crop into an Alexa-style long bob. It probably took lots of pins, hairspray and patience but she endured the pain and that awkward not short, not long stage and is reaping the rewards. Her new look has taken about ten years off her and is giving her swoon-worthy predominantly Prada red carpet wardrobe a fresh feel. 

jennifer Lawrence

The mop chop champion: Jennifer Lawrence

Oh J Law, you can do no wrong. Well apart from that stupid statement about outlawing the word fat. I see where you’re coming from an all an anyways, but in fairness, it’s hard to take your outrage seriously when you’re a size 8. Fat by Hollywood standards understandably, but not proper fat.

But back to her hair –although I’m not a massive fan of the Pixie Crop (Pamela Anderson I’m looking at you) Jennifer proves that there is a way to go from long to short in one fell swoop and the key lies in the flexibility of the cut. If she had gone too short, she wouldn’t be able to play around with it and would be forced to just stick to one slicked down style but because she kept some length at the front, Jen can change it up depending on her red carpet event and she avoids the dreaded moon face that can affect so many of us… ahem, me.