Excuse me for a second while I adjust and polish my halo: I did not go out on NYE and therefore didn’t suffer even a one day hangover, let alone a two day version.

That doesn’t mean, however, that I am in any way ignorant of the pain and suffering of anyone who did overindulge. I am well versed in the art of the 48 and 72 hour post-booze ouchsies and the only reason I wasn’t boozing is because I have yet another cold. Poor me!

So, if you’re still clutching your head and wondering where on earth it’s all gone so horribly wrong so goddamn early in the new year, this little lot of crowdsourced wisdom might just help. Here’s what Twitter reckons’ll have you back on your feet in a flash.

Unusual, but I like it

Ohh, never tried this one.

The classic.

Liquids only here.

Beige foods, you say?

These are getting quare now.

The three-parter. Someone’s an expert.

A variation on the classic cure.


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