It’s a terrible thing, all this cosmetic want, isn’t it? Aided and abetted by the internet, we now know far too much about brands we can’t get on our fair isle, which means of course we want them all the more.

Using my powers* of laser-sight focus, judgement and a little bit of beauty editor-style analysis, here’s what I’d like to have come visit us this year. One or two are probably definites. A couple are long-shots and the others? I won’t be opening a book in Paddy Power, let’s just say that.

  1. Available in the US, Maybelline’s Colour Elixir lipglosses look awesome. I am hoping they whizz their way to this side of the pond during 2014.
  2. One of last year’s most hysterically-received launches, the Charlotte Tilbury Makeup line was worth the response it got: I had to beat my way through a crowd six deep at the London Selfridges counter not long after launch to get a goo, and I think we’d love it just as much as they do in the UK. If this lands anywhere, it will be Brown Thomas.
  3. Marni Rose has already launched in other territories; it will be a while before it comes to Ireland but we are getting it. Good!
  4. Who wouldn’t like to see the Marc Jacobs beauty brand here? Again, Brown Thomas would be a worthy contender and reports indicate that the store is refreshing its accessory and beauty space, so it may be another dream come true for us.
  5. This L’Oreal Parris Visible Lift CC Cream sounds ace: it’s got anti-ageing benefits, those bursty-pigment spheres I like so much and it comes in two shades. Pretty pease, L’Oreal Paris?
  6. It already has scented nail polishes in its European roster but Revlon, pretty please will you bring us these amaze-sounding Parfumerie polishes? Talk about indulgent: there’s nowhere I need scent less than on my nails. Consequently, it’s where I’d like it the most.

I mean, clearly I can’t limit myself to a mere six. Other notables I’d love to be able to pick up and explore at my leisure include Rodin skincare and the Sunday Riley brand. For now though, what’s above will do. You? What are you hoping for in 2014? Login to leave a comment and let us know.

*I might have made these powers up.