I never make ’em cos I know I can’t stick to resolutions. I’m the sort of person who goes gung ho at something when she wants to do it. Then, oh then I’ll make a success of it. But y’know, there are a few things wanting in my beauty routine. Like these 10, for example.

1. I will try a different lipstick colour

​Whenever I get queries about colour, it’s always about brights. But that’s not my problem: fuchsia, neon pinks, corals. Yup, yup, yup. Red’s my bag. It’s neutrals and work-appropriate shades I have a problem with. And as I’ve recently gone back to work after years of freelancing, I kinda need to get a handle on that one fairly sharpish.

2. I will get my hair trimmed more than once a year

Here’s the thing: I cannot be all that arsed about my hair. I know I need to go and get it cut more than I do – and in fact the last time I did, just before Christmas – the stylist gently chided me for my lax ways. She was right, pointing out that if I did get my hated frizzy, frazzled ends trimmed more often, it’d strengthen my hair as a whole and give it more body. Will I take heed? I’m gonna try. Pinky swear.

3. I will do something about my jowls

I’m 40 this year (while I don’t actually care about that as a number, in some ways I am very surprised it’s almost here. WHEN did it happen? How!?) and I’ve thus far managed to avoid wrinkles. I’m pretty damn proud of that but it’s testament to my excellent padding and also my intensive use of skincare over the years so I guess it’s not too surprising. What I did expect was jowls, due to the fact I have a pointy chin. And those jowls are coming in. Fast. I want to investigate a skin tightening treatment using radio frequency, like the Skin tightening RF treatment with Viora Reaction offered at Renew. At €450 for face and neck, it ain’t cheap, but I can’t stand the sight of the side of my face any longer. It’s so ageing. Boo!

4. I will stop picking at my spots

Along with my saggy jowls, my chin’s gone bananas. The end of summer weather this year knocked off the usual seasonal haywire episode I always suffer, but it went on for much longer than usual, I picked at the spots, which turned into craters and I’ve got a bunch of pigmentation marks all over my chin and jawline now that are so ugly looking. All because I picked. Sigh. Learn? Me? Never, apparently.

5. I will shave my legs … occasionally

Another tiresome task, especially in winter. Ah heyor, sure who’s looking at them? Me and himself and I certainly don’t give a damn about body hair. It’s not scary spiders, so I’m pretty relaxed about it. That said, I always leave it so long to de-fuzz my pins that by the time I vacate the shower the water’s stone cold, my (already borked) back is in ribbons and I’m in a raging temper. Probably adopting the approach of a little light maintenance every few days might be a better approach for 2014. This, I think, may be one of my harder promises to keep …

6. I will take care of my cuticles

There’s a new and very, very awesome product en route from L’Occitane which I think will change my life in 2014: it’s a shea oil brush pen and I can’t actually believe a) no one invented something like this before and b) how deadly it is. I’ll show it to you soon, but it’s compact, it’s handbag friendly (which most cuticle oils assuredly are not) and it is keeping my flaky, peely hangnails at bay. So far.

7. I will buy a new tweezers

I used to have about 56,000 amazing functioning tweezers. Then I dropped them all, one after the other, on the bathroom floor of pain and suffering. Now they’re all bent, crap and don’t work properly, snapping hair off above the root, causing my brows to be shoddily-maintained between threading appointments and me to be grumpy. GAHH.

8. I will dye my hair … finally

Yet more hair-related resolutions: I haven’t dyed my hair since I was in my twenties. Now, there is method to my madness. The issue I have with dye is that it introduces damage. The upkeep and maintenance issue is really a secondary concern. My hair is already fine and frizz-prone and I don’t need to give it any more excuses to pouf up and behave badly. But I’m very much at the limit of my plucking out the greys, I reckon. Being so naturally dark haired is working against me in the battle to be dye-free, and I’m spending more and more time shrieking as I catch sight of yet another wiry grey poking up and out of the rest of my hair. Time to admit defeat, and hit the bottle.

9. I will put together a desk-friendly makeup kit

I’ve been meaning to do this for years but only working two or three days in an office a week meant I never got around to it. Now, I am going to assemble a proper working kit of makeup to leave in the office for those days when I either don’t want to apply before I leave the house (read: was too lazy to get up early enough) or have a meeting for which I need to be properly groomed and presented. I mean, I’m an adult, y’all.

10. This one’s for you

I may live to regret this, but I want to know what your beauty resolution for me would be for 2014? Do I need to switch up my look? Wear my hair down more? Stop with the godawful pink lipstick? Is there an awesome product I need to try? Go on, login and leave me feedback. Be kind, but drop a comment!