There’s an internet myth that the average lipstick-wearing woman will ingest about 7lbs of lippy over her lifetime. Break that down and it works out at this: you’d need to be eating 110 milligrams EVERY DAY for 76 years to get that much down your throat, so it’s patently bollocks.

What is true though is that if you’re a lipstick lover, you’ll be super-aware of how much of the effing stuff you leave behind, never mind eat. On tissues when you blow your nose. On men. On your friend’s cheeks. On sandwiches (ok, you may eat that, I’ll grant you), and on coffee cups.

6 days of lipstick on coffee

I was particularly interested in this part of things so I recorded (part of) my coffee consumption for a week. From this we can deduce a few things:

  1. I wear a lot of red and pink lipsticks
  2. It does not stay on my lips
  3. I am a very messy coffee drinker
  4. I favour Insomnia (it’s right by work; I start my day with a grande)
  5. ​I am clearly not eating any of this

Here ends my highly scientific survey. But ingesting my lipstick? No, I think I can safely say I definitely have not been doing that.