Trust Cara Delevingne to bag herself a look before it hits the mainstream. You can too: embellished sunglasses are going to be all over the shops in the next couple of months thanks to catwalk showings at labels like Dolce and Gabbana and the style blogger-driven popularity of Prada’s flower glasses, which of course we’re gonna tell you where to buy here as well.

And along with that, we’ve dug up some more overworked gems as well: from high to low, online and instore, here are eight pairs of gorgeously gaudy glasses you can rock now, and then ditch once everyone else cottons on it’s a thing. (Yeah, we totally do this.)

Cara pic:


Anna Karin Karlsson seems to have one price point for her ace glasses and that is €581, which is what you'll hand over for the ace Isola Ella cat eye acetate sunglasses at Net-a-Porter. Yikes.

Proof positive this trend is nowhere near mainstream yet: Asos has discounted its Embellished Classic Retro Sunglasses by a whopper of an amount. Down from €24.66, they're just €3.42 - snap 'em up!

Dolce & Gabbana.

By contrast, these H&M fellers, in store in March, aren't really a half bad homage and are gonna be €7.95. Sure that'll save you a few quid, eh?

Sweet On The Eyes is a treasure trove of glittery, over-done goodies. While I feel they need to work a little on their grammar, these Kelly's (Kelly's what, exactly), are pretty damn blingin for $55. Maybe they DO belong to Kelly? Who can say.

The comedy joke choice, and a comedy price: €3 from Penneys. Job done.

Check this super-cool chick out, just having a fag at Paris Fashion Week, being all STREET STYLE with her red lips and cartoon shades. Luv U. Via

The style blogger choice du jour, bag these mono mix Prada square flower sunglasses from Neiman Marcus for €386.

Another Sweet on The Eyes choice, the mirrored Sofia's (again, I just can't ...) are $65.