Whether you’re aware of it or not, if you’ve bought into the statement necklace trend in any shape or form, particularly if you’ve bought pieces with ropes, multi-hued stones and bibs of crystals, chances are, your piece was helped along a little – or a lot – by Shourouk.

It’s a high end accessories brand created by French designer Shourouk Rhaiem – by coincidence she created a piece for Michelle Obama for her state visit here – and this stuff is standout. There are limited collections for Net-a-Porter at equally limited prices but with so many homages – I’m not going to say fakes or replicas because this isn’t quite the case – about, unless you genuinely want a piece of the real thing, there’s probably no need to splash that much cash.

The Shourouk Marguerite Swarovski crystal and faux pearl earrings are €490 from Net-a-Porter while you’ll hand over €12.50 for Dorothy Perkins’ version. The difference? DP’s are plastic and glass and have quite clunky claws. The pricer drops use Swarovski crystal and glass, though you’re still not getting any precious metals for your outlay.

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