The cast of Hackers comment on Frillseeker. FROM THE PAST.

Curse those pesky spammers. They do be having the heart put across me with their endless drivel about Louboutins and Louis Vuitton and so we had to close the comments a while back to non-registered users.

Now, I know as well as you do that that can be pretty off-putting if you just want to quickly and enthusiastically drop a quick thought on a post so we’ve been finangling up a workaround. Well, when I say we, I mean Jimmy.

I’ve been bleating about it and he’s been doing all the actual tech stuff.

Now it’s done: you can of course always register on the site as a Frillseeker user which is – we think – the superior option as you get those ace pinboards to play with (plus who knows what we’ll add in the future, eh?) and login to comment or you can now also login using your personal Facebook account.

Either is fine – in fact you can do both, which is even more convenient if you’re busy or GOD FORBID have forgotten your password. Temporarily.

So, go on, give it a go. Try it out on this post. I DARE YOU. Double dare you.