Clarins’ debut collection for 2014, Opalescence, is filled with soft pastels, skin-glowing goodies and the occasional play of shade, light and colour. It’s a good’un, in other words, and the model shot for the edit belies just how versatile and interesting in their own right some of the products are. So I’ve omitted it from this post and we’re gonna let the pieces speak for themselves.

And speaking of that, remember Emma’s wants and lusts post from late last week? Yup, well I’ve left the cream blush she mentioned out of this post entirely as it deserves one all on its own – so check back for that soon.

Everything will be on counter on January 20th, so not long to wait.

Clarins Opalescence collection for 2014

To the top and directly above you can see the bits and bobs I’ve been sent. The lineup includes a by now standard – and standout – hero face and cheek palette, which I can never, ever bring myself to swatch, let alone use. There’s also a new Ombre Minerale quad, lip, single shadow, divine cream blush and radiance boosting creams, which are pretty interesting in their almost CC-alikeness.

Let’s drill-down into the collection.

Clarins Opalescence collection for 2014: face and cheek powder

The powder, €37, is designed for complexion. It’s pretty – though, to be fair, the brand has done nicer – and has a holo-effect lid which I could not for the life of me capture on camera.

Clarins Opalescence collection for 2014: Instant light boosting base

The trio of Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Bases are interesting. At €30, each shade promises a different beauty benefit. 01 Rose aims to maximise radiance for all tones, 02 Champagne is for correcting redness in fair skins and 03 Peach is designed to revive a tanned complexion and bring back a glow.

That there in yonder picture? That’s Peach. I probably won’t be getting much use out of it, but it would be interesting to try Rose, as there are other skin-kind benefits like hydrators and antioxidants in the mix and the product can be worn solo or blended with foundation. 

Clarins Opalescence collection for 2014 Ombres Minerale palette

Next up; eyes. There’s a new Ombre Minerale 4 Couleurs in Vibrant Light, €41, en route. This is a little bit of an odd one. It’s got some pretty embossed detailing as befits a limited edition product but there’s an odd mix of textures here. The silver is as good as the silver sparkle in these palettes always is: super-soft, super-gleamy and great. The purple is ok, the grey shade good, and the pink chalky and hard to get any sort of pay-off from.

Not my favourite from the brand – the palette released in autumn was so much nicer and I get a lot of use from it still.

Clarins Opalescence collection shadow mono in smoky plum

Then there’s this piece of awesomeness to instantly make up for the quad’s shortcomings. I love this. Would marry it. It’s the Mineral Mono Eyeshadow in Smoky Plum, €19, but don’t let that put you off. This is taupe, bitches. TAUPE and then some. It does kick up a lot so best applied with a firm, flat brush but I forgive it. It’s so pretty on.

Clarins Opalescence collection for 2014: lipgloss prodige

For lips there are a couple of things, like some Joli Rouge lipsticks, which I don’t have to show you, but I do have this pretty coral beaut. It’s Gloss Prodige Intense Shine and Colour in Coral Tulip, €21, and you should also know that in addition to being pretty nicely pigmented and lasting, it smells fruity-fine.

Clarins Opalescence collection for 2014

The last thing really is swatches. And hey, here they are. Like what you see? Loathe it? Login – with your Frillseeker account or Facebook (yay!) and let us know.