€25 said the price tagLoada bollix, said my cynical brain

Look! Aren’t they lovely? So sunshiney and bright and colourful and irreverent and utterly cheerful? That’s why they called to me from the window of Rhinestones on Suffolk street last week, as I was marching past determinedly en route to pay the ESB bill at the Post Office next door.

Yes, my life is simply a whirl of glamour and entertainment.

I was pretty much past the window when my retinas caught up, so did a cartoon-style giddy-up and backtracked to have a goo. €25 said the price tag. Loada bollix, said my cynical brain, but no: they actually were a mere twenty five quid.

earrings from Rhinestones

Obviously, they’re unsigned, plastic and would have been crazy cheap at the time they were made* so the 2014 price reflects that completely.

Still and all, I’m chuffed. I’ve gotten me a pair of danglers I doubt I’ll see on anyone else, the clip-on mechanism is nice and tight and they’re not remotely uncomfortable to wear. I’ve road-tested them a couple of times now and profess myself pleased. 

Whaddya reckon? A load of balls or do you like?

*A time, I, er, forgot to enquire about, so pleased was I with my bright bargain.