It might look like the girlos don’t give a flying fuck what their long locks actually look like

Their feel-good Fleetwood Mac-inspired sound might have propelled these talented LA lassies to fame, but it was their beachy barnets that made us sit up and take notice.

And while the use of their song Falling on the latest West Coast Cooler ad (possibly the most pointless alcoholic drink on the planet) – featuring a couple of young wans wailing oddly quietly into the bottle whilst twirling around their flat on a Saturday night has a total bang of OMGWACA off it – we’ve decided to ignore that fact and crown these foxy folksters our first hair heroes of 2014.

Not since Hanson have we seen a trio of siblings where the tresses (nearly) eclipse the tunes – which was actually a positive thing in the case of ill-fated Hanson. Straight yet slightly scraggy and grungy yet flawless all at the same time, Haim’s hair look is the antithesis to the glossy, groomed aesthetic we’ve come to expect from anyone who dares to describe their music as pop.

And the best bit about it? It’s actually attainable. While it might look like the girlos don’t give a flying fuck what their long locks actually look like, it’s obvious that a lot of time and effort has gone into getting their dos just right.

According to the wondrous invention that is the Interwebs (and their stylist Candice Birns), Este, Danielle and Alana are big fans of the Italian haircare brand Davines (pronounced da-vin-nez and available from Mise Beauty) in particular the Love shampoo and conditioner. So instead of using hairdryers, tongs and straighteners to style, they spritz a load of sea salt spray into their tresses to get that textured, tangled look instead.

Even their colour looks undone – effortless and au natural even though we suspect Este is a fan of the ever-popular ombré technique – and is that perfect shade of light brown that’s more minky than mousey complete with subtle sun-kissed highlights to frame their faces.

Ultimately, their looks is a big two fingers to faffing – a bit like Jessa from Girls (absolute pain in the hole but undoubtedly a Haimesque hair hero) and Queen Kate (Moss, not Middy) – and I for one am a big fan.