Yellow couldn’t hotter (pun entirely intended) for bags for SS14. It’s everywhere, and the more I gaze upon Milly’s bags, the more I like ’em. Arnotts is now the Irish stockist for the label and there are some really cute styles. It’s actually not an expensive label as bag brands go – you’d get something decent in and around the €200-to-€300 mark, but if there’s a saving to be had, then let us at it, eh?

The Milly Bryant Mini Bag is currently $198 pre-order on the brand’s website and of course you’ll pay extra for shipping – and potentially more on top for customs charges. Not into all that malarkey? Then how about this significantly less spendy flouro metal trim cross body bag from River Island for €33.

Ok, yes, it’s not leather, there’s no designer cachet attached but you can eat for the month and you can go and pick it up, like, this lunchtime. Bonus.

Which would you buy?