Rosemary might have blingin’ 3D cases in her top five list of the worst style crimes 4eva – and I am with her on the other four – but I have a long-held love for massive, OTT, the blingier-the-better phone cases.

This love was fuelled by an accidental happening upon Cherry’s (a shop of glittering dreamz) in Dublin’s Stephen’s Green Centre a couple of years ago. I certainly hope the sun’s full rays never shine onto this store or god help us, such will be the ensuing nuclear holocaust-type flash.

With enough sparkle to satisfy, well, me, they also sell amazing 3D phone cases of joy and wonder, including that thing of magical beauty over there on the right. Hey, have I mentioned that my birthday’s coming up?

I’ve rounded up seven more from various sources too. So, go on: will this be the year you go texturised with your tech, or is this really, really not for you?

Heavenly wings iPhone case, $20, on

Asos Clip On iPhone 5 Case With 3D Flower And Jewels, €16.86.


Super Mario case, at Cherrys.

Silicone iPhone shell, €7.95, H&M.

Lion bling case, $59.92, on


iPhone 5/5S Spike Handle Case, £18.00, at Skinnydip London.