D’ya remember ages ago we took a look at the Juice Cube? It’s a really handy little portable doofer that allows you to add some extra juice to your phone on the go and mine has saved me on more than one occasion. At €30 though, it’s not exactly cheap, so when I saw that Tiger will have a very similar thing in store for €15 from the beginning of February, I knew you lot needed to see it. The Tiger Power Bank is for iPhone only – whereas the Juice Cube comes with a pile of adaptors for all sorts of smartphones – so you’re out of luck if you don’t have one, but if you do and you find battery life an issue (man, who doesn’t?) then it’ll be worth a look.

iPhone charge cables from Tiger

And hey, these will also be available for a weeny €3 a pop. I’m always breaking-slash-losing these things. I will be stocking up.