In addition to all those deadly limited editions Essence and Catrice do, each autumn and spring the brand hoofs out all the underperforming stuff and slots in a whole slew of new goodness into its core line. What that means in normal-speak is the stuff you can buy all the time, that’s non-limited edition. 

And for that we are eternally grateful, because there’s always a lot of new and exciting stuff to look at when they do their core overhauls. Like this one, which appears to be all about blinding us.

I’m kidding, but there are a lot of brights, like new effect nail polishes, €2.49, in a variety of colours and finishes like glitter jewels, sugar metallic, sparkling or demin-effect, a holo shimmer and polka dots. Ombre blushers also look interesting, come in two shades and are more properly known as blush up! powder blush, €4.39.

Then there are those six-pan shadow palettes. Nice looking, huh? I thought we’d be interested in those, alright. They cost a very unspendy €4.39 and come in four shadeways with a mix of textures that include matte, metallic and shimmer shadows. Above, you’re looking at all about candies (pastels) and all about paradise (brights) but there are two more, so read on.

The last thing I singled out here is one of the existing 3D eyeshadows, €3.49, which are staying in the main range. Lots more newness is coming too, like a quad of mascaras, new lip offerings and a CC Cream, but let’s take a look at the remaining two palettes, eh?

All About ... Eyeshadow Palettes

These’ll probably be far more up your street if you’re y’know, not a teenager. All About Sunrise is to the top and All About Nude is below. Again, €4.39 makes them a very affordable pick.

So peeps: thoughts, feelings, emotions? Will you be checking out an Essence stand near you soon?