Like Essence, Catrice gets a little facelift twice a year and when it does there are usually a few new ‘n interesting bits and bobs to get excited about.

This time around is no exception. There’s a whole ton of newness incoming but we’ve picked out five pieces for special attention. Have a gander and let us know your thoughts, eh?

This here's the Absolute Brights Palette, €5.49. It's the colour saturated version of the neutrals one the brand released a few months ago and has matte and shimmer shades.

These look cool: six shades of Crushed Crystals nail lacquer, €3.69, will be available in a metallic, sandy finish.

I really like the look of the Made To Stay Smoothing Lip Polishes, €5.49, which come in six shades. They're a liquid lipstick with colour, stain and shine, so something we've seen from other brands - but at a much higher pricepoint. 

Sun Glow Shimmering Bronzing Powder, €5.49, combines two colours in one compact.

Good news for primer fans as well with a pair en route for €4.99. The Pore Refining And Anti-Shine Base mattifies while the Anti-Red Base has a green hue to neutralises redness.