Even though I’ve only had this a few days and I would never normally gush about a skincare product so quickly, here’s why I am: the Body Shop’s new Vitamin E Serum-in-Oil, €22, launching from February, is a dead ringer for Kiehl’s Midnight Concentrate and I adore that to the ends of the earth.

Makes sense really, as they’re both from the same parent company, L’Oreal. This is a silky-smooth clear fluid designed for night time usage and it’s got loads of goodies in it to smooth and support skin like wheatgerm, sunflower and jojoba oils plus marula, sesame and soya. It’s got the distinctive Vitamin E scent and is a delight to use. 

I’m already loving the hell out of it – and that price! Hell yeah. So, no: I’d normally never thumbs-up something I’d only tried for a few nights this quickly, but I’m thinking this is a pretty safe bet.