I love me some Chloe Sevigny. We’re the same age, so clearly best buds in my mind, and she’s never really put a foot wrong since she first appeared in 1995 in Kids. (unless you count going down on Vincent Gallo in The Brown Bunny as putting a foot wrong … um …)

She’s ace: does interesting films, seems like she’d be a laugh on a night out, isn’t try-hard and has a lo-fi makeup routine that’s got about three steps to it, and blam: done. Something super-sheer for her face, like Mac Face and Body, some mascara and a slick of red lipstick – imperfectly applied.

That’s pretty much it, and she’s been wearing it for years, through many moods, fashion trends and hair tone changes. I’ve charted some of her best red lip looks: do you love the Sev as much as me? Drop a comment. 


Fringe, old-school styling and a bodiced-up dress give her a Vargas-girls styling she never usually goes for. Course, it's working. 

"Yeah yeah, I'm shit hot and I know it." Fair enough. 

Straight off the set of Working Girl. Somehow, Chloe Sevigny can take what would be the dodgiest of fashion choices on another person, and make them work so well for her. 

Chloe single-handedly makes a floral-bedecked bowler hat acceptable fashion attire. WE SALUTE YOU.

Aww, shucks, this old thing? 

LOVE this look. Chick can work a red pout and a hormonal outbreak and still look super-cool. Life ain't fair. 

Looking out from under her brows at a bank of cameras, it's kind of a wonder she doesn't run away. Shy, or cross? You decide. 

So pretty! With hair that's much blonder and flossier-looking than normal, I like this look on Ms Sevigny.