I’ve a cwanfwession to make: for a beauty editor I’m a bit low maintenance. On a night out, it’s as much as I’ll do to take my lipstick with me, and chances are I’ll probably, two times out of three, not bother my ass to top it up.

That’s my bag from last weekend, above. It’s a Joanne Hynes feller and inside it I can just about fit my wallet, phone, keys and a lippy (Kate Moss matte for Rimmel, in red. Love it). But even if it was bigger (and my daytime bag is a Sophie Hulme satchel that’s a lot more capacious) I wouldn’t take a lot more out with me anyway.

What about you? Carry the contents of your bathroom with you when you leave the house or are you a lipstick and forget it gal as well? Let’s get to this particularly thorny issue in the comments, and I’d also love to see your bags – snap ’em and pin them in on your pinboard! If you’re not already a Frillseeker member you’ll need to register an account to comment, and you’ll automatically get pinboards as well – it’s awesome funs.

And now, the chat: