The very unverified second I heard Ryan Gosling might maybe, possibly, coulda sorta split from Eva Mendes cos she loves being in the spotlight (shame on her, the A-list hussy, wanting to maintain her career, pfft), I immediately began to think of ways we could accesorise him.

Accessorise him as a single man.

Oh, Frillseekers, what ways we could style ourselves with Ryan, to maximum effect. Like these 10, for example. Enjoy!

Ryan, some crisp new bed linen, between the folds of which we'd very much like to find him... *faint*. Cube print set, by Ben de Lisi at Debenhams, from €67.

At 6' he's not too tall to be intimidating, but if you need a bit of height then then these M&S beauties might do the trick. Limited edition metallic-effect Chelsea boots with insolia, €55. 

The Gosling in candlelight? We. Just. Can't. Max Benjamin candles, €18.95. Psst: we hear he's a big fan of bergamot.

Look how well these awesome tassel earrings from Boticca, €47, offset his jungle setting. RrrrRrr!

Intelligent, dreamy, focused. Fake all that with these geek glasses with plain lenses, €19.66, on Asos.

Match your lipstick to Gosling's gorgeous gruaig. Mac Show Orchid, €19, is a winn-ah.

Smell the (g)love. It's gotta be spesh, it's gotta have roses. Rosabotanica, new from Balenciaga, from about €65, is ideal.

Mmm. Imagine him draped all across that, what? Sofa, €1,993 from Bo Concept.

A man as fine as this should be accompanied by a truly excellent handbag. No Penneys pleather here. Proenza, peeps. The PS11 Classic textured-leather shoulder bag is €1,525 on Net-a-Porter, and is perfect.

How meta! But hey, he likes that. He's a thinker. How you'll laugh together when you give him a coffee cup about drinking hot coffee out of a cup with him on it. Especially when he's wearing THE EXACT SAME OUTFIT.