Ok, so we’re not majah wipes fans, and that’s the god’s own truth. But when I read Kate O’Reilly’s tip in our 20 tips from Irish makeup experts, I thought, “aha, so smart.”

Kate says you should use a wipe post smokey-eye application to clean up skin, and it makes sense. I do the other old trick of putting a little bit of extra foundation on my brush and cleaning it off that way, but what I’m really doing is cleaning it in. This rids you of the product entirely but of course, a decent wipe’s gotta be a part of it.

Too many of them are greasy or alcohol-soaked. It struck me that Waterwipes would be pretty damn perfect to have on hand for makeup fix-its. They’re bargainous: €3.49’s the damage, and ok, so while there’s more than just water in there, there are a ton of things left out. Like alcohol, fragrance, lanolin, colourants and perfume. What’s included is purified water grapefruit seed extract and minerals from the Dead sea, which act as a hydrator.

So, while I’m no advocate of wipes as a cleansing routine – wash your face! – having a pack of these on hand for emergencies, lazy-slash-locked nights and for fixing makeup mistakes ain’t gonna do you any harm at all.