Big Easy, €37, is an April-launching complexion doo-hickey from Benefit. Due to me being a full-time job holder these days and no longer a feckless freelancer with only myself to please, I wasn’t able to make the launch of this last week as we were, y’know, sending a magazine to press. Swings and roundabouts. I miss the occasional launch but I … and this is miraculous … get paid. EVERY MONTH. 

Neatly, that state of life-based affairs is uncannily like this new product, which Benefit says is a multi-balancing complexion perfector, and has handily illustrated this with a lady on a tightrope on the press materials. 

So, they’re not quite saying it’s a CC, but they ain’t denyin’ it either. Let’s turn this one back on Benefit and balance the scales of base for ourselves.

Is the Big Easy …


  • With six shades, it’s impressively catering for skintones. It claims to balance moisture and control oil, and to melt like a cream, finish lightweight and transform to a powder. All very base-like attributes.


  • More than a BB, trumpets the PR materials, so the logical next thought is, “aha, this here be a CC.” Then there are claims to balance, self-adjust, perfect and protect, just like we expect from a complexion cream that’s designed to perfect our phizogs.

Mine’s in the post, so a full and frank appraisal will be conducted in the bathroom upon arrival.

But until it does, what it sounds like is that Benefit is either hedging its bets – it’s claiming to have created a product that does tons of deadly things and which is a foundation-CC hybrid – or it actually has created a product that does tons of deadly things. 

Watch this space.