Here’s Jo Malone’s May-launching spritz, the limited edition Silk Blossom scent, from €50. Created to celebrate summer’s silk blossom season, it’s a very acceptable to all noses kinda floral perfume. As in, light, slightly sweet, no one will find much to hate about this at all. Perfectly good for day or for a younger fan, notes are white pepper, silk blossom and moss.

Jo Malone London Rain collection

So here’s where things get a little bit more interesting. Since Jo Malone brought Christine Nagel in as a nose and Charlotte Stockdale in as creative editor, there’s been a deliberate and concerted effort to appeal to a younger, hipper audience. The London Rain collection, above, is more of that drive. 

Four limited edition scents, €100 each, available from March, celebrate all that’s great and good about the essence of the wet stuff in England’s capital. Rain and Angelica evokes a park at dawn; Wisteria and Violet’s all about a morning shower on climbing blossoms, White Jasmine and Mint is a welcome revisit for an old fave and Black Cedarwood and Juniper is the story of midnight rain. A great idea, and ombre bottles add edge.

Jo Malone Michael Angove Collection

Here’s April’s offer. It’s the Michael Angove collection, again limited. For home, this British textile designer has put his signature work to three products. There’s a Blackberry and Bay Home candle, €52; Orange Flower Scent Surround Diffuser, €73; Blackberry and Bay Scented Sachets, €25 and Blackberry and Bay and Orange Blossom Bath Soap Collection, €35. 

Psst: these all launch right in time for Mother’s Day. Handy, eh?

So, faves? Tell me in a comment.