I was like Edward 
walking out of the salon, could barely put on my coat

Meet Sarah O’Hegarty. She’s Irish Tatler’s staff editor, she’s one of the most super-stylish people I know as well as being completely awesome-sauce at her job. Sarah’s not girly-girly – “I am not a lady of any kind” – and when I saw her recently wearing some fresh-looking minty stiletto nails, I wanted to know when, how – and why? What makes a directional fashion burd who’s previously been convinced this style was “too gangster or too ‘girlo’” for her to change her mind?

“A couple of things,” she says. Numero uno? “When I saw Suki Waterhouse on the cover of Elle in beautiful mint ones it brought to mind that this nail shape was a popular and glam choice for some of my favourite style icons from the 60s like Jean Shrimpton.” Reason number two was this: “WAH Nails’ Sharmadean Reid posted a pic of acrylic nails in a pastel lilac shade which I loved. Basically, I like taking an old style and giving it a modern update with pastel colours – it’s unexpected and fun. It’s definitely the old school associations I like about them.”

Next step was to find a salon, which proved easy enough: the Shavata nail bar in-store at Harvey Nichols in Dundrum did the honours. “It’s a new type of acrylic nail they have there with a Shellac on top. Took a solid hour and a half,” Sarah dishes.

Sarah O'Hegarty nails

Everyone who gets stiletto nails always says how glam they feel – and how hard it is to do everyday stuff like typing (they’re super-clacky). How did all that stuff go down? “When I first got them done I felt like I should be chain-smoking like a mobster wife in Goodfellas,” she laughs.

“I was like Edward Scissorhands walking out of the salon, could barely put on my coat. Big, big change for someone who has never ever had false nails.” And now? “I’ve definitely gotten used to having them as the weeks have gone on. Still can’t pick up coins, fasten the catch on a necklace and buttons on jeans are kind of hard too!”

But there have got to be compensations for the inconvenience, eh? “When I first got them on I thought I was going to have to go back to the salon the following day and get them to trim them down. But you’d be surprised how quickly you get used to them.  I feel different with them but they’ve really, really grown on me,” Sarah confirms. Not everyone’s a fan, though. “I’ve had a lot of varied comments on them. Some people commented on how pointy and green they are (stating the obvious much!), some people loved them, some people called them scary. Oh, and my boyfriend hates them!”

So, will she go for round two? “At the start I thought I’d never get them refilled, but, a few weeks in, I’m considering it. I think if I was going to keep them I’d get them a little less long, so that the emphasis would be on the fun colour rather than the pointed shape. Watch this space!”